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2013-2014 "Aerial Assist"




President: Kay G.

Team Captain/Coach: Marissa C.

Drivers: Mitch K. and Matt L.



2013-2014 has started as our best year yet! Our goal is to win our way to Worlds and we have started well. Our state has instituted District model competition and our school volunteered to host a competition. At the first ever Pacific Northwest District competition, our team finished in seed number 2 and with the help of our Northwest Alliance partner Team 2046 Bear Metal, and with Team 3237 Bionic Braves, we were the winning alliance! We are now in prepartion for our next District event!

Sent 13 girls to participate in Girls Generation", Hosted by Team 2046.

Mentored FLL teams at Rainier Middle School and Valley Christian.

Industrial Design Award winner, Sponsored by General Motors.

Hosted FIRST WA FRC leadership camp.

PNW District Winners!