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2012-2013 "ultimate Ascent"




Presidents: Austin K. and Alisha

Team Captain: Kaye G.

Drivers: Mitch K. and Matt L.




2012-2013 was another great year for the team! Again we had a goal to win a Regional and go to World championships. The win on the field still eluded us but we did one better and in our second Regional event at Spokane WA, we won the Chairman's Award! The scramble was on to find a way to fund our team to go to Worlds. We got a lot of support from our community and from our district and were able to send a fairly large team to St.Louis, MO. We competed on Galilao field and we were the 4th seed going into our last match! Unfortunatly, our robot didn't score during the autonomous period and that was the difference in the match, dropping us to 15th seed. We did not get selected for finals so our competition season was over. Again, our team learned a lot and had a ton of fun!

Sent 12 girls and six mentors to participatein Girls Generation Competition

Auburn Food Bank Christmas Basket Distribution to over 200 families

Robotics class started at Rainier Middle School (Sept)