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2010-2011 "Logomotion"











As we began the 2010-2011 Season we add a Robotics class to our High School and are getting into the theory behind the robot:-gears-pneumatics-drive trains-omni wheels-programming....We also added a third coach, Regina Grubb. Her addition gives us logistics support and more brain power. Our goal was to make it into the Regional Finals and we not only accomplished that but made it into semi-final rounds finishing tied for third place! Our team really came together into a cohesive unit over the course of 2011.From kickoff to competition we worjkede together with our mentors putting together a quality product within a limited budget. Thank you to our sponsors and mentors!

Played in eliminations on third seed Alliance with 3rd ranked Team 1294 “Top Gun”

Seattle Olympic Regional, Ranked 8th with a record of 9-6-0. Semifinalists!

First year played in eliminations